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  • Current MALS student, David Hirsch has published an article titled "Kofi Annan didn't deny the media, even at his most difficult moments" in Columbia Journalism Review. Read the article here.

  • From Good Breeder Stock, Nan Darham 2018

    Black Family Visual Arts Center

    “I was stationed on the frayed outskirts of “Big Stix,” as the town is affectionately known, waiting for the bus to pull in, not soon enough.   Nothing was moving, only a lonely wisp of hot air that funneled up looking for a ticket west. That sliver of wandering wind spiraled around me and sank right down on top of my lap when it came to rest. Birthed in still icy cavities of Emigrant Peak, it had...

  • MALS Chair, Professor Don Pease mentioned in a recent New York Times article on Professor Dominy's new essay exploring the possible real-life examples for the Lorax character and Truffula trees. Read the full article here

  • MALS Student, Eileen O'Toole has published a piece that was initated in Christopher Wren's MALS 206: Craft and Culture of Journalism Course in the Valley News. Read the piece here.

  • Carlos Tigreros, MALS '18, recently completed an internship with the U.S. State Department in Guatemala. Read about his experience here

  • MALS Professor, Chris Wren has published a new book exploring the life of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. 

    Those Turbulent Sons of Freedom has been featured in both the Valley News and on...

  • Kerry H. Landers, an assistant dean of graduate student affairs, and MALS faculty member, at Dartmouth College, has written a book about the challenges facing low-income and first-generation students Ivy League schools.

    Read the full article from the Valley News here. 

  • Dartmouth announced that it is naming its graduate school in honor of Frank J. Guarini ’46, a former congressman, delegate to NATO, and U.S. Representative to the United Nations, who has made a historic gift in support of the College’s graduate programs.

    Read more here...

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  • MALS student Kuo-Pin "George" Lin has a current art exhibit at Kresge Library.

    Kuo-Pin "George" Lin's 2018 Oil Painting Exhibit at Kresge Library features six original oil paintings by talented artist and Dartmouth MALS student Kuo-Pin Lin. Mr. Lin’s art exhibits exquisite use of color and imagination while examining the real world and transferring what he sees to the reality of his art. The exhibit will be on display through Spring term....