Thesis Research

Thesis Research (MALS 137) Options

MALS students have the option of conducting their thesis research and writing without being enrolled. However, all students enrolling in Thesis Research (MALS 137) must be in residence in the Hanover area, and sign a Thesis Research Residency Agreement

While in residence and enrolled in MALS 137, you must have weekly meetings with your first reader and make significant progress towards completing your thesis. At the end of each term that you are enrolled in MALS 137, your first reader will be responsible for assigning a grade of credit/no credit. You may enroll in MALS 137 for a maximum of four terms.

Is MALS 137 Required?

MALS 137 is not a required course. Students who must remain enrolled as either part-time or full-time have the option to enroll. (see also the TUITION AND VISA INFORMATION section below)

How to Enroll in MALS 137

In order to enroll in MALS 137, students must:

  • Be in residence for the term (or within commuting distance to campus).
  • Meet regularly with your first reader to keep him or her informed of your progress (weekly, or bi-weekly at a minimum).
  • Demonstrate satisfactory progress in research or writing of the project throughout the term. If a student enrolls in MALS 137 and does not demonstrate satisfactory progress in their work through meetings with their advisor, or does not adhere to the meeting schedule to the advisor's satisfaction, a grade of 'No Credit' (NC) will be recorded at the end of the term.
  • Students may only enroll in thesis research, MALS 137, part-time or full-time, for a maximum of four terms.

Tuition and Visa Information

Tuition is covered for MALS 137 with a 100% scholarship. Students not covered by an international student visa may opt NOT to enroll in MALS 137 for part or all of their thesis work, but will not be eligible for federal financial aid. International students who wish to pursue thesis research without being enrolled in MALS 137 may only do so with the permission of the Office of Visa and Immigration Services, or from their home country.