Enrollment Options

Our students come from many walks of life, and not all of them can attend the program full-time. You have several options for completing the program.

Year-Round Full-Time

Students spend a year or more in residence at Dartmouth. These students generally start in the summer or fall and complete their course requirements and thesis at the end of the second spring.

Year-Round Part-Time

Many of our students are professionals and take courses year-round on a part-time basis. They take one course plus the symposium/seminar during the summer, and one course during the other terms.

In the fall, winter, and spring terms, at least one interdisciplinary or graduate course is offered in the late afternoon or evening.

Summers Only

Students usually take two courses plus the symposium/seminar each summer. We offer interdisciplinary courses each term, although more options are available during the summer. The symposia/seminars are only offered in the summer term.

International Students

It is strongly recommended that international students matriculate during the fall term in order to take full advantage of all opportunities available through the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies Orientation.

How Long Do I Have to Finish the Program?

All degree requirements must be satisfied within six academic years of program entry.