Course Information

Working with faculty advisors, MALS students develop an individual plan of study that includes both formal coursework and independent research. 

* Please note that all MALS courses are being held in-person/on campus. 

Choosing Your Courses

Our students have many options to fulfill their elective course requirements. They may take graduate courses from other Dartmouth programs, or from upper division undergraduate courses.

To receive graduate credit for undergraduate courses, MALS students pursue additional work beyond that assigned to undergraduates. This option gives MALS students access to the hundreds of courses across many departments at Dartmouth.

Taking Undergraduate Courses for Credit

MALS students are limited to two (2) non-MALS courses with prior approval from the MALS administration. This includes Dartmouth College undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and transfer credits. Undergraduate courses may be taken for MALS elective, concentration, or interdisciplinary credit (See MALS Interdisciplinary Course Contract). These courses must be upper division, and will require additional readings and/or written assignments to equal graduate level coursework. The specific requirements are by agreement between the student and the instructor (See Non-MALS Course Contract).