Admitted Students

Congratulations! Now that you've been accepted to the MALS Program at Dartmouth, learn more about what to expect.

We will send you more information you will need going forward in an official Acceptance Packet via postal mail.

Informational Meetings

Now that you've been accepted, if you have questions about the program that will help you make a decision, please feel free to reach out to to schedule a meeting with a member of our office to get the answers you need. 

Your Dartmouth Account (NetID and Email)

Obtaining your Dartmouth Account (NetID and Email)

At least six weeks prior to the start of the term that you will matriculate into MALS at Dartmouth, a Dartmouth NetID and Dartmouth graduate (GR) email address will be generated for you. The MALS Office sets your student record in Banner (Dartmouth's student record system), which triggers Information, Technology, and Consulting (ITC) to send an email to your personal email address with instructions to set your password for your Dartmouth account.

*Note that ITC processes ALL student and employee accounts across Dartmouth; the MALS Office does NOT control the ITC Office's schedule for processing accounts. We do our best to coordinate with OVIS (for international students), Guarini and ITC to ensure incoming students obtain their Dartmouth accounts as quickly as possible.

Need assistance? Submit a ticket in the ITC portal:  (Owing to the volume of correspondence they receive, ITC asks that students use the portal rather than emailing the Help Desk directly).

You may look up your own email address and ID number or that of other Dartmouth individuals in the DND directory:

Review Important Dates/Deadlines on the MALS Academic Calendar

Review important program-specific deadlines on the MALS Academic Calendar, such as pre-enrollment deadline, course enrollment, issue of bills, check in, first day of classes, and more. 

You may also view the Dartmouth Academic Calendar for general dates/deadlines.


All Dartmouth graduate students are responsible for finding their own off-campus housing. Dartmouth College graduate students (and employees) have the first chance to review listings of Dartmouth rental properties and to submit rental applications. Check out the Housing section of our website for a comprehensive list of housing options/resources.

Complete Medical Records Requirements

All entering Dartmouth College students have pre-arrival health and immunization requirements that must be completed prior to the start of your first term at Dartmouth.

What is required of each student?

  • Each student must provide a health care provider completed Dartmouth immunization form or a copy of your immunization record obtained from your home doctor, prior school, or military.
  • Each student must provide a completed Tuberculosis Screening/Testing Form.
  • Each student must complete a series of ONLINE health forms accessed through the 'Health Services Link' on your Banner account.

Find the required forms and further details on Dartmouth's medical records requirements here.

IMPORTANT! Failure to complete the required health and immunization requirements will result in a check-in hold on your student Banner account. This means you will not be able to electronically check-in for classes!

Complete Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan Information

Dartmouth College requires all students listed as active, including those on a leave term or not taking classes, to have a certain level of health insurance coverage. To ensure that all students are adequately insured, all active students are automatically enrolled into the DSGHP and their tuition account is charged the premium every academic year that they are eligible.

If you have your own health or insurance plan, you may apply to waive the automatic enrollment into the DSGHP by completing the waiver process. Please see "DSGHP Waiver Information" on the DSGHP website.

If you wish to be enrolled into the DSGHP, you do not need to do anything, as enrollment is automatic. You may also enroll your qualifying dependents by completing the Dependent Application.

Review more information about the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan on their website.

Course Enrollment

Course Enrollment for MALS at Dartmouth follows a three-step process - 1: Pre-enrollment; 2: Online Course Registration; and 3: Check-in for the term.

MALS Schedules by term 

MALS Course Descriptions 

Class Time Tables 

STEP 1 (Pre-Enrollment)

The Online Pre-Enrollment Form will be e-mailed out by the MALS Administrator/Registrar. The information you provide on this form indicates whether you will be enrolled during the upcoming term full-time or part-time. This enables us to activate your student account in order for you to complete Online Course Registration on Banner in STEP 2.


Online Course Registration is to be completed on Banner.

The only way to guarantee a spot in a course is to complete the Online Course Registration. Registration is done on a first come, first serve basis.


Online Check-in is to be completed on Banner.

Online Check-in is your signal to the college that you have arrived on campus and have accepted the charges that have been applied to your account for the term. You will also be asked to update your personal information, i.e., address, phone #, etc. When you successfully complete the check-in process, you will see a yellow smiley face.

If you have any HOLDS on your student account, you will not be allowed to Check-in. Please clear any HOLDS as quickly as possible in order to complete Check-in by the deadline. Failure to Check-in for the term can result in Administrative Withdrawal.

Student Billing: D-Pay

Approximately six weeks before the start of the term you will receive an electronic tuition bill. Your student account can be viewed on D-Pay, through Banner.

Here are three things to know about billing and payments as you prepare to begin your studies:

  1. What is D-Pay? D-Pay is the name of our billing and payment system. You will view your student account statement and make your payments online. To make payments online, your bank account must be US-based and be a checking or savings account. International students may pay their bills by wire or through Flywire (formerly known as peerTransfer).
  2. How does my parent/guardian view my bill? If you would like parents, guardians or other individuals to view your account statement or make payments to your account, you must first authorize them. You may have multiple authorized users. You will access D-Pay through a link in Banner Self-service. Once authorized by you, parents and others will access D-Pay through a different link. Click here for both of these links.
  3. When will I be billed and when is my payment due? Student account statement and billing information is available online. The D-Pay system is available 24 hours a day. Billing dates vary by college and program. Please check here for the billing schedules.

Review step-by-step instructions for D-Pay on Dartmouth's Student Financial Services website.

Financial Aid

If you applied for Financial Aid when submitting your admissions application, you will find a MALS Scholarship letter in the application portal with your acceptance letter. This letter indicates the amount of funding that the MALS Program can provide you.

For U.S. Citizens and permanent residents, Dartmouth's Financial Aid Office can further assist you with federal loan needs. You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, as well as Dartmouth's own Graduate Financial Aid Application.

Learn more about your funding options on Dartmouth's Financial Aid Office website.