When You Arrive On Campus

Congratulations, new MALS students! We look forward to welcoming you to Dartmouth's campus!

Here is a list of items to address when you arrive on campus!

  • Attend the mandatory orientation:

    • New Student Orientation
    • AFTER orientation set up an optional meeting to discuss your plan of study with the MALS  director or registrar 
  • Check-in for the term on Banner

  • Get your Student ID card (Dartmouth Card)

  • Buy books for your classes

  • Get a parking permit

  • International Student check-in with the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS)

    • A staff member from OVIS will be in touch to schedule a check-in at the start of the term with each new international student.
  • Online Ethics Survey

    • All first-year graduate students must complete the Graduate Ethics Survey once they arrive on campus (and have a Dartmouth email account). You will need to read Sources: Their Use and Acknowledgment and the Honor Principle and Code of Conduct. Then please complete the survey, indicating that you have read and understand both documents. Each student accepts Dartmouth's Honor Principle and Code of Conduct upon registering as a graduate student. A student found in violation of either policy forfeits his/her right to continue at Dartmouth.  The survey must be completed before you may register for the following term.
    • To complete the Graduate Ethics Survey:
      • Canvas will send a message to your Dartmouth email account, inviting you to join the Grad Ethics course.
      • Accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email.
      • Read the introduction and then click on Take the Grad Ethics Survey. You must answer "yes" to all four questions.
      • If you delete the message before you fill out the survey, don't worry! It will automatically be resent.