Here are a few on-campus resources for new MALS students!

Guarini School of Graduate and Advances Studies

The MALS Program falls under the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at Dartmouth. Review their website to learn more about the broader graduate community at Dartmouth beyond MALS.

The Graduate Student Council is a great resources to learn how to get involved with the grad community as an elected department representative or through graduate clubs and organizations to participate in.

Dartmouth Mobile Map

Use Dartmouth's Searchable Mobile Map to get yourself acquainted with campus. You can search by building name in order to find the location of your classes or specific offices on campus. Start by locating Wentworth Hall (The MALS Office is located in room 116)!

Dartmouth Events Calendar

Start getting involved with campus life by attending Dartmouth events!

Dartmouth Registrar Office

To review term or academic year calendars, you will want to refer to Dartmouth's Registrars Office website.

You can also search the Registrar's Timetable of Class Meetings to review course offerings, room locations, class schedules, as well as required text lists.

Computer Help

For any Information, Technology & Consulting Services you can follow up with ITC. This includes help accessing your Student Account through Banner, Canvas, or Email.

Dartmouth has an on-campus computer store, should you need any enquipment.

Student Employment Office

Graduate students who are seeking employment can begin their search through Dartmouth's Student Employment Office.