How to Enroll in Courses

Pre-Enrollment and Course Registration

There are three steps to the registration process:

  1. Pre-enrollment
  2. Registration and course selection
  3. Online check-in

Do I need to complete all three steps?

  • If you are taking one or more leave terms, or pursuing thesis research on an independent, un-enrolled basis, complete step one only.
  • All other students, including those registering for thesis research or independent study, are required to complete all three steps.

Step One (Pre-Enrollment)

Review course listings and descriptions for the classes offered this term. You will find a complete list of courses being offered this term on the Registrar’s Timetable of Class Meetings. Course descriptions from all departments can be found on the Registrar’s ORC.

Complete the MALS Pre-Enrollment Form. 
The link to this form is sent to your Dartmouth email account. If you do not complete this form, you will not be able to register for courses on Banner. The information you provide on this form indicates whether you will be enrolled in the upcoming term.

Completing this step of the process does not register you for courses! Pre-enrollment enables us to plan class sizes, and allows the Bursar’s office to activate your student account for billing purposes. To register for courses, complete step two.

Step Two (Enrollment/Registration)

Online course selection is through Banner Student. Although you have indicated your preferences on the pre-enrollment form, you are still required to make your course selection online. This step ensures your place in your classes, and should be completed by the dates indicated above.

If you are taking any non-MALS courses, these courses require permission from MALS, instructor permission and a signed Non-MALS Course Contract.

Trouble logging in to Banner Student? Contact the Help Desk by calling 603-646-2999, emailing, or stopping by their office in the Baker-Berry Library.

Step Three (Online Check-in)

  • This is not course selection.
  • This is not registration.
  • This is your signal to the college that you have arrived on campus and are prepared to accept the charges for the term. You will also update your personal information, i.e., address, phone number, etc.

Log in to Banner Student and complete check-in. When you successfully complete the check-in process, you will be rewarded with a smiley face :-).

If you skip this step, your class enrollment/registration is not complete.

New students: If you are having difficulty, talk to the MALS office during new student orientation for help completing check-in!

A Note About Deadlines

Accurate bills and class lists are derived from the information you provide to us. The entire process depends upon all three steps being completed within the dates given. We appreciate your cooperation.