The Byam Shaw-Brownstone Thesis Excellence Award

Awarded annually in recognition of the outstanding thesis in each MALS concentration (General Liberal Studies, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, and Globalization Studies).

2019 Recipients

Creative Writing: Satya Kandala

Cultural Studies: Mashal Imran

Globalization Studies: Khang Vu

General Liberal Studies: Jiarui Sun

2018 Recipients

Creative Writing: Kasey L. Storey

Cultural Studies: Radhika Moral

Globalization Studies: Daniel Pak

General Liberal Studies: Jesse Perez

2017 Recipients

Creative Writing: Steve A. Dragswolf

Cultural Studies: Katherine E. Brown

Globalization Studies: Samuel T. Williamson

General Liberal Studies: Brian A. Estrada

In the Art of Thesis Writing: Michael Rodriguez

2016 Recipients

Creative Writing: Amira Hamouda

Creative Writing: Robert A. Kaufman

Cultural Studies: Oludamilola Osinbajo

Cultural Studies: Amanda M. Spoto

General Liberal Studies: Susan E. Bibeau

General Liberal Studies: Howard C. Carter

Globalization Studies: Enoch M. Holu

Globalization Studies: Gregory M. Poulin

2014 Recipients

Creative Writing: Paola Ortega

Cultural Studies: Alexandra Susan Sclafani

General Liberal Studies: Meghan M. Menon

Globalization Studies: Jacqueline Medbury Williams

2013 Recipients

Creative Writing: DeWayne Everett Hayes

Cultural Studies: Chelsea L. Tremblay

Cultural Studies: Stoney Lee Portis

General Liberal Studies: Carlotee Ann Jeffreys

Globalization Studies: Puja Patel

2012 Recipients

Creative Writing: Cristen Angela Brooks

Cultural Studies: Thomas C. Frohlich

*Education: Matthew F. Steele

General Liberal Studies: Kemi Ashley Adedokun

Globalization Studies: Lalida Ann Ashmun

2011 Recipients

Creative Writing: Meg Houston Maker

Cultural Studies: Alexander W. Corey

General Liberal Studies: Joseph R. Shafer

Globalization Studies: Michael David Miner

2010 Recipients

Creative Writing: Anna Minardi

Cultural Studies: Sean Matthew Compas

General Liberal Studies: Deborah Scranton

Globalization Studies: John Kincaide Harrelson

2009 Recipients

Creative Writing: Christine E. Vranicar

Cultural Studies: Jackie H. Silverman

Globalization Studies: Leena Al Olaimy

General Liberal Studies: Zsuzsanna Mitro