Degree Requirements


All MALS students are required to complete one Methodologies course. The Methodologies course should correspond with the student's chosen concentration* :

MALS 130 - Cultural Studies Research Methods (Cultural Studies concentration)

MALS 131 - Social Science Research Methods (Globalization concentration)

MALS 132 - Writing Methodologies (Creative Writing concentration)

MALS 133 – Teaching Methodologies ** (ANY CONCENTRATION)

*If your concentration is General Liberal Studies, you should choose the methodologies course that corresponds to the concentration of your independent study & thesis.

**Requires the student to be hired as a Writing 2-3 TA in order to receive course credit.  

Ethics Requirement

All first-year graduate students at Dartmouth are required to participate in a MALS Ethics training program, covering the basics of professional ethics.

Research MALS topics