Submitting Your Thesis

Submitting Your Thesis

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1. The thesis should be presented in a polished draft form to the candidate's three readers two months prior to the FINAL Thesis Due Date.

2. After any changes or additions required by the readers are made, students must email a copy (Word document or PDF) to Amy Gallagher in the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies Office for formatting review two weeks before that terms FINAL Thesis Due Date.

3. After all further corrections are made, one official signed copy of the thesis is due, by email, to the MALS office in final form, signed by all three readers, by that terms FINAL Thesis Due Date (see the thesis due date chart above).

4. There are three Exit forms to be completed and submitted at the time you deliver your thesis.  They are: 

5. All students must upload an electronic copy of their final complete thesis (include title page WITHOUT signatures) as a single document by that term's FINAL Thesis Due Date to:

Formatting Your Thesis for Submission

For detailed information about how to format your thesis, please see Thesis Guidelines (PDF).