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  • “I’ve been mentoring inner city youth in Atlanta since graduating from college; this work made me realize that my passion is being able to identify and structure new ways to help educate kids and to do this on a significant scale. What I also realized was that I didn’t have the background and credentials just yet to pursue this at the level I desire – specifically I would like to, someday, be the president of a college or university. A lofty goal, I know, but this is what led me to enter the...

  • The global status and future of study and research in the humanities take center stage Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10, as scholars gather for the Dartmouth Humanities Summit.

    Two recently published reports on the humanities—one from Harvard and another from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences—framed their consideration of the future of the humanities in the context of the U.S., sparking a substantial response among academic circles and elsewhere.

    Those reports are...

  • Wole Ojurongbe, MALS ’08, director of Dartmouth’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program, keeps a bookshelf in his Wentworth Hall office reserved for works published by authors associated with the program. Dartmouth Now asked Ojurongbe for a sample of works by MALS faculty, alumni, and current students. “It’s been difficult narrowing it down to just a few titles, but that’s a really good problem to have, I think,” he says.

    Creative writing is one of the specializations...

  • In a Veteran’s Day commentary piece on VPR, Christopher Wren ’57, an instructor in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Dartmouth, says that “patriotic bling,” such as American flag lapel pins worn by politicians, “has borrowed, or stolen, the valor of those who most deserve to wear it.”

    Wren continues, “Our latest veterans–more than 2 million–have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with little to show for their gallantry beyond the...

  • New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio has recently gained attention not just for his politics, but also for where his baseball allegiance lies, reports The New York Times. The candidate, the article notes, has confessed to being a Boston Red Sox fan.

    The Times asks Harvey Frommer, a professor in Dartmouth’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program and the author of books about the Red Sox and the New York Yankees, for...

  • Many fire companies will display tributes in Fourth of July parades this year to the 19 young men killed June 30, 2013, in Arizona fighting the Yarnell Hill wildfire.

    Firefighters, very much a part of our civic celebration of independence, are ever mindful of the sacrifice of their own. And in the elite corps of Smoke Jumpers and Hotshots, the blowup that consumed 19 lives in Arizona recalls the 1949 Mann Gulch fire in Montana, when fire turned and took 13 men. The victims were just...