Selected Publications

Raul Bueno-Chavez

Raúl Bueno

"Mediaciones transculturales: traducciones." In Lívia Reis and Eurídice Figuereido, editors. América Latina: Integração e Interlocução. Rio de Janeiro: Viveiros de Castro Editora Ltda, 2011; pp. 65-81.

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"Sobre la verdad y la ciudad posibles. En homenaje a Edgar Guzmán y Antonio Cornejo Polar" (On the Possible Truth and City. In hommage to E.G. and A.C.P.). Journal of Filosofía y Humanidades No. 2. Arequipa: Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, June of 2005; pp. 8-12.

"Genocidios Virtuales: Modernización y Mestizaje como Imágenes de Superación Cultural y Desarrollo Social en América Latina" In: De Diego, Fernando, Gastón Lillo, Antonio Sánchez y Borka Satler (eds): Identidad(es) del Perú en la Literatura y las Artes. Ottawa: University of Ottawa and Goldsmith College (London), 2005; pp. 15-25.

"Virtual Genocides: Modernization and Mestizaje As Images of Cultural Improvement and Social Development" In: Stephen Hart and William Rowe (Editors): Studies in Latin American Literature and Culture in Honour of James Higgins. Manchester: University of Manchester and The Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (special issue) 2005; pp. 105-116.

"Tradición y continuidad de los estudios culturales en América Latina" [tradition and continuity of cultural studies in Latin America]. Coloquio. Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA), No. 5. Arequipa, Peru, October 2004; pp. 6-8.

"Para siempre vivir: los envíos a futuro de la poesía de Washington Delgado" [to live forever: messages to the future in W.D.'s poetry]. Martín No. 9 (special issue on W. Delgado). Revista de Artes y Letras (UPSMP). Lima, August 2004; pp. 81-89.

"Sobre metáforas y otros recursos del lenguaje crítico latinoamericano" [on metaphors and other symbolic resources of critical language in Latin America] In James Higgins (editor): Heterogeneidad y literature en el Perú. Lima: CELACP, 2003; pp. 49-62.

"Polarized Modernity: Latin America at the Postmodern Jucture". In Emil Volek (editor): Latin America Writes Back. An Interdisciplinary Cultural Perspective. New York/London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2002; pp. 189-201.

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Jed Dobson

James E. Dobson

"Autobiography, Modernity, and Biopolitics: Individuality and Writing the Self at the Fin-de-Siècle." Arizona Quarterly (forthcoming) 

“Narratives of the Later Lives of Frederick Douglass: Old-Age Autobiography Before Senescence” Common-place 17, no. 2 (2017).

"Knowing and Narration: Shirley Jackson and the Campus Novel." In Shirley Jackson: Influences and Confluences, edited by Melanie R. Anderson and Lisa Kröger, 123-141. New York: Routledge, 2016.

"Lucy Larcom and the Time of the Temporal Collapse." Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 33, no. 1 (2016): 82-102.

"Can an Algorithm be Disturbed? Machine Learning, Intrinsic Criticism, and the Digital Humanities." College Literature 42, no.4 (2015): 543- 564. 

"Bits of Autobiography: Radical Deindividualization and Everydayness." Arizona Quarterly 71, no. 1 (2015): 83-99.

"Mark Twain, Memory, and the Failures  of Historicism." The Mark Twain Annual 11 (Fall 2013): 62-76.

Pandey, S., Voorsluys, W., Rahman, M., Buyya, R., Chiu, K., and Dobson, J. “A Grid Workflow Environment for Brain Imaging Analysis on Distributed Systems." Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 21, no. 16 (2009): 2118-2139.

Pandey, S., Voorsluys, W., Rahman, M., Buyya, R., Chiu, K., and Dobson, J. “Brain Image Registration Analysis Workflow for fMRI Studies on Global Grids," Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-09), Bradford, UK, (May 2009).

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Zhao, Y., Wilde, M., Foster, I., Voeckler, J., Jordan, T., Quigg, E., and Dobson J.E, “Grid Middleware Services for Virtual Data Discovery, Composition, and Integration,”  MGC ’04 Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing (2004): 57-62.

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Ronald Edsforth

Class Conflict and Cultural Consensus (1987).

Popular Culture and Political Change (1991) with Larry Bennett (eds.) .

Autowork (1995 ) with Robert Asher (eds.)

America on Wheels , a PBS documentary film (1996).

The New Deal: America’s Response to the Great Depression (2000).

The Cold War and the Global Proliferation of Nonviolent Politics LSE (2008).

“The Great Depression,” Encyclopedia of American Political History (2010).

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Harvey Frommer

Coming in 2020, Frommer Books

Members of the Tribe: An Oral and Narrative History of Amazing Jewish Communities

It Happened in Israel: An Oral and Narrative History

Growing Up Jewish in America: An Oral History (2nd edition)

Forthcoming October 2017// ADVANCE PRAISE

The Spectacle. The History. The Lore. The Legacy.



by Harvey Fromme 

Page Street Publishing / October 24, 2017


The New York Yankees have captivated and thrilled their fans and the world of baseball for generations. They have re-written the record books. Forty-four players and 11 managers are in the Hall of Fame. They have claimed forty pennants. Twenty-seven world championships. Featured dozens of players with unparalleled major league legacies like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, and Jeter. For these Bronx Bombers “heritage”, “mystique”, “ritual”, “magic”, “aura”, and “tradition” aren’t just public relations constructs but critical pieces of their narrative. Where “greatest” and “most” and “ultimate” are operative words, not wishful thinking.

For the franchise that has offered so many unequalled performances and generated such an incomparable share of the game’s history, Dr. Harvey Frommer presents the seminal book that echoes these superlative accomplishments and celebrates all things Yankees, “THE ULTIMATE YANKEE BOOK: From the Beginning to Today: Trivia, Facts and Stats, Oral History, Marker Moments and Legendary Personalities—A History and Reference Book about Baseball’s Greatest Franchise” (Page Street Publishing, October 24, 2017).

From its baseball gods to its public relations men; its dynasty builders to its clubhouse attendants, Frommer highlights the great men who have created the framework of the gloried team, but also goes in-depth on all of the great stories and trivia, games and statistics, high points and low ones. THE ULTIMATE YANKEE BOOK also features an incredible collection of classic photographs from Yankee history, and includes other unique images like vintage programs, scorecards, tickets, baseball cards, advertisements, snapshots, and more. There are so many fascinating pieces of artwork that it is like a New York Yankee museum on the printed page.


All of the owners from the Tammany Hall entrepreneurs to the SteinbrennersThe playing Fields from Hilltop Park to todayYankee legends, leaders and luminariesThe epic moments, streaks and feats, like Ruth’s “called shot” in 1932; Mantle’s tape-measure homer in 1953; and Boone’s clutch home run in the 2003 ALCSAll of the classic Yankee nicknames from “The Junkman” to “The Iron Horse”; “Marse Joe” to the “Chairman of the Board”And all of the lesser-known Yankee nicknames like “Almighty Tired Man”, “Banty Rooster”, “Biscuit Pants” and the “Carnesville Plowboy”All of the greatest Yogi-isms and Stengel-ismsThe greatest Yankee teams and the worst onesJoe McCarthy’s ten commandments for success in major league baseballHerb Pennock’s ten commandments for pitchers’ success in major league baseballGeorge Steinbrenner’s seven commandments for handling Billy MartinThe Yankees by the numbers—from 0 to $3.4 BillionA year-by-year chronology of all things YankeesAll of the most interesting stats, records and details

Brilliant in design and composition, THE ULTIMATE YANKEE BOOK in its entirety can only be overshadowed by one of its sections: the “Ultimate Yankee Quiz”, which could be one of the most fiendish and beguiling tests for any Yankee fan or baseball history aficionado.

Dr. Frommer’s prose is clean and compelling and has put together one of the great oral histories in sports publishing. The book is filled classic quotes and memories from the voices of Grantland Rice, Roger Kahn, John Cheever, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, James Thurber, Rudy Giuliani, Mario Cuomo among many others, along with all of the details and inside stories of so many Yankee greats like Mel Allen, Billy Martin, Lefty Gomez, Roger Maris, Bob Sheppard, Thurman Munson, Don Mattingly, Mariano Rivera, Tony Lazzeri, and Reggie Jackson to name just a few.

For a team built on superlatives, THE ULTIMATE YANKEE BOOK is a most fitting tribute.


About the Author

One of the most prolific and respected sports journalists and oral historians in the United States, author of the autobiographies of legends Nolan Ryan, Tony Dorsett and Red Holzman, Dr. Harvey Frommer is an expert on the New York Yankees. He wrote for Yankees Magazine for 18 years and has arguably written more books, articles and reviews on the New York Yankees than anyone. A professor at Dartmouth College, Frommer was dubbed “Dartmouth’s Mr. Baseball” by their alumni magazine. He lives in Lyme, New Hampshire, with his wife Myrna Katz Frommer.



From the Beginning to Today: Trivia, Facts and Stats, Oral History, Marker Moments and Legendary Personalities—

A History and Reference Book about Baseball’s Greatest Franchise

Harvey Frommer

Page Street Publishing, October 24, 2017

Hardcover / 288 Pages / $35.00

ISBN 13 978-1-62414-433-2

Jackie Robinson, Lyons Press, 2017

Baseball's Greatest Managers, Lyons Press, February 2017

Old Time Baseball: America's Pastime in the Gilded Age, Lyons Press, October 2016

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Remembering Yankee Stadium: An Oral and Narrative History, Lyons Press, (Second Edition), Spring 2016

"How the Super Bowl Got Its Name," Time Magazine (2016)

It Happened in Miami, 2015
 - "In It Happened in Miami, the Magic City  by Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer (Taylor Trade, $29.95), a wide range of voices reminisce, and the result is captivating. You’ll find great tidbits that will make you want to learn more."

Remembering Fenway Park, STC/Abrams, 2011

Five O'Clock Lightning, Wiley, 2007

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When It Was Just A Game, 2015
 - Talking First Superbowl
 - "Super Sunday's Humble Origins Explored in Dartmouth Professor's New Book," Valley News

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Holzman and Hoops (with Red Holzman), Taylor, 1991

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Baseball's Greatest Rivalry, Atheneum, 1982

Basketball My Way: Nancy Lieberman (with Myrna Frommer), Scribners 1982

New York City Baseball, Macmillan 1980

The Great American Soccer Book, Atheneum 1980

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Sports Lingo, Atheneum 1979

The Martial Arts: Judo and Karate, Atheneum 1978

A Sailing Primer (with Ron Weinman), Atheneum 1978

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Yankee Century and Beyond, Sourcebooks, 2007

Red Sox Vs yankess The Great Rivalry, Sports Publishing, 2005

Sports Genes (with Myrna Katz Frommer), Ace 1982

Big Apple Baseball, Taylor, 1995

The Sports Date Book (with Myrna Katz Frommer), Ace 1981

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Barbara S. Kreiger

The Dead Sea and The Jordan River (Third edition, expanded, Indiana University Press, 2016).

The Dead Sea is not only the lowest place on earth, it is the lowest by far, and is so saline that it can’t support life. The site of Sodom and Gomorrah, the lake was reviled by centuries of travelers who associated it with the sins of those cities millennia earlier. This book examines the myths that kept travelers away, and the scientific curiosity that compelled others to investigate.

Following the signing of the Peace Accord between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea, a shared body of water, took on new significance. But in recent years the Dead Sea environment has been tragically altered, and the other half of the environmental disaster is the Jordan River. Both the river and the lake are threatened with extinction, and the challenge in the next years is how to halt the devastation and create new terms for cooperation and peacemaking.


Divine Expectations: An American Woman in 19th-Century Palestine (Ohio University Press, 1999).

Divine Expectations is the story of Clorinda Minor, a charismatic American Christian woman whose belief in the Second Coming prompted her to leave a comfortable life in Philadelphia in 1851 and take up agriculture in Palestine.

Following a failed prophecy about the End of Days, Mrs. Minor  announced that her mission was to teach the poverty-stricken Jews of the Holy Land to work the soil. Her farm was a unique settlement where Christians, Muslims, and Jews labored alongside each other, but tragic events prevented her work from expanding.



“The Search for Herod’s Tomb,” Smithsonian Magazine (August 2009).


Gary Lenhart

Gary Lenhart

The World in a Minute (Hanging Loose, 2010)

Another Look (Subpress, 2010)

The Stamp of Class:  Reflections on Poetry and Social Class (University of Michigan, 2006)

Father and Son Night (Hanging Loose, 1999)

Light Heart (Hanging Loose, 1991)

One at a Time (United Artists, 1983)

Editor: T&W Guide to William Carlos Williams (Teachers Writers, 1998)

Editor:  T&W Guide to Classic American Literature (T&W, 2001)

Editor:  Clinch: Selected Poems of Michael Scholnick (Coffee House, 1998)

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Michael J McGillen

"Historical Passages and Scenes of Transport in Uwe Johnson's Jahrestage." The Germanic Review, 93.2 (2018): 130–154.

“Erich Auerbach and the Seriality of the Figure.” New German Critique, no. 133 (2018): 111–154. 

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“Theology’s Weimar Moment: History before the Eschatological Limit.” The Weimar Moment: Liberalism, Political Theology, and Law. Eds. Leonard Kaplan and Rudy Koshar, Lanham: Lexington Books, 2012. 269–287.

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Patricia McKee

"Racial Strategies in Jane Eyre," Victorian Literature and Culture (2009).

"'In the Cage': Henry James's London", Publications in American Studies, University of Naples (2008).

“Geographies of Paradise ,” CR: The New Centennial Review , 3:1 (Spring 2003) 197-223.

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Public and Private: Gender, Class, and the British Novel (1764-1878). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997.

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Heroic Commitment in Richardson, Eliot, and James. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1986.

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Anna Minardi

Book: Ponit. Italiano Terzo millenio. (with E. Tognozzi, G. Cavatorta)  Second Year Italian Language workbook, lab manual and website. Heinle-Cengage Learning: Boston, 2009. Second edition.

Book: Ponti. Italiano Terzo Millennio. (with E. Tognozzi, G. Cavatorta)  Second Year Italian Language workbook, lab manual and website. Houghton & Mifflin: Boston, 2003. First edition.

Rena J. Mosteirin

Rena J. Mosteirin

Rena J. Mosteirin and James E. Dobson, Moonbit (punctum books, 2019)

half-fabulous whales (Little Dipper, 2019)

Nick Trail's Thumb (Kore Press, 2008) Winner of the Kore Press Short Fiction Award judged by Lydia Davis

Donald E. Pease

Donald E. Pease

Theodor Seuss Geisel, (Oxford University Press 2010)

New American Exceptionalism (University of Minnesota Press, 2009) — Nominated for the James Russell Lowell Prize at MLAp.

Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies, co-edited with Winfried Fluck and John Carlos Rowe in Re-Mapping the Transnational: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies 2011

“The Crisis of Critique in Postcolonial Modernity,” boundary 2 2010

“The Mythological Foundations of the Global Homeland State” A Companion to American Literature and Culture, edited by Paul Lauter 2011

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Introduction: Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies ed. Winfried Fluck, John Carlos Rowe, Donald Pease, Re-Mapping the Transnational: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies 2011

“Black Orpheus: Barack Obama’s Governmentality,” Altre modernità/ Otras modernidades/ Autres modernités 2011

The Laicization of American Literary Studies,” Contemporary Literature, Spring 2012

“Obamas Rifts” boundary 2 2012

Luis Gispert: Loud Image, Hood Museum of Art (University Press of New England, 2004)

Futures of American Studies, (Duke University Press, 2002)

National Identities and Postnational Narratives, (Duke University Press, 1994)

New Americanists: Revisionist Interventions into the Canon, (Duke University Press, 1994)

Cultures of U.S. Imperialism, (Duke University Press, 1992) with Amy Kaplan

Editor and introduction: New Essays on the Rise of Silas Lapham, (Cambridge, 1991)

Visionary Compacts: American Renaissance Writings in Cultural Context, (University of Wisconsin, 1987)

The American Renaissance Reconsidered: Selected Papers of the English Institute, 1982-1983, (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985) with Walter Benn Michaels.

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Regine Rosenthal

“Performing Identity: Intersectionality in Three Autobiographical Texts by Women.” Interactions 23,1-2 (2014), 207-218.

“Gendered Post/Colonial Carribean Identities: The Challenge of Historical Transformation in Novels by Rhys, Allfrey, and Kincaid.” Change and Challenge. Eds. Murat Erdem, Lois R. Helmbold, Attila Silkü, Esra S. Öztarhan. Izmir: Ege University Press, 2012. 371-380.

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Keith L. Walker

Keith Louis Walker

« Le beau sacré moderne. Arthur Rimbaud etles poètes de la Négritude ». Parade sauvage, Revue d’études Rimbaldiennes. Classiques Garnier. 2018, no 29.

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