Regine Rosenthal

Academic Appointments

Visiting Associate Professor for MALS - Masters in Liberal Studies

Regine Rosenthal is a literary scholar in American Studies who received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Boston and her MA and PhD from Munich University, Germany. For many years, she taught American and Comparative Literature at the Universities of Munich and Augsburg, Germany. She was a fellow at the Salzburg Seminar in Salzburg, Austria, in 1985; held research appointments at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario and Dartmouth College; and participated in the School of Criticism and Theory at Dartmouth College in 1996. She has published widely in the fields of American, Comparative, Jewish, Holocaust and Women’s literature with special research interests in difference, race, memory, gender, migration and the figure of the Wandering Jew. Her current interdisciplinary teaching in Cultural Studies addresses literary, sociological, historical, and philosophical perspectives on gender, race, diaspora and migration.


HB 6092


  • B.A. University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • M.A. University of Munich
  • Ph.D. University of Munich

Selected Publications

  • "(Re)Imagining Raoul Wallenberg: History, Fiction, and the Meaning of Truth." Across a Broad Horizon: A Festschrift in Honor of Belma Ötüş-Baskett. Ed. Gönül Pultar and Louis Mazzari. Istanbul, 2021. 272-284.

  • "Amiguity of Trauma in Narratives of Exile: Memoirs and Fiction by Said, Aciman, and Hemon." Literature, Narrative, and Trauma. Eds. Aylin Atilla, David Waterman, Carlos A. Sanz Mingo. Izmir, Ege University Press, 2019. 127-138.

  • “Performing Identity: Intersectionality in Three Autobiographical Texts by Women.” Interactions 23,1-2 (2014), 207-218.

  • “Gendered Post/Colonial Carribean Identities: The Challenge of Historical Transformation in Novels by Rhys, Allfrey, and Kincaid.” Change and Challenge. Eds. Murat Erdem, Lois R. Helmbold, Attila Silkü, Esra S. Öztarhan. Izmir: Ege University Press, 2012. 371-380.

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