MALS Student, Nan Darham's Art Exhibition

From Good Breeder Stock, Nan Darham 2018

Black Family Visual Arts Center

“I was stationed on the frayed outskirts of “Big Stix,” as the town is affectionately known, waiting for the bus to pull in, not soon enough.   Nothing was moving, only a lonely wisp of hot air that funneled up looking for a ticket west. That sliver of wandering wind spiraled around me and sank right down on top of my lap when it came to rest. Birthed in still icy cavities of Emigrant Peak, it had swept down chutes and crevasses as a sharp current of raw mountain breeze.  Cutting loose across the high plateau, hoping to travel with the wild waters of the Yellowstone River and hitch a ride out past Paradise Valley, that wind got detoured, like I did, and found itself buckled down for a while in Big Timber, Montana.”

Nan Darham is a graduate student in the MALS program from Bozeman, Montana. Her artwork and stories chronicle the culture, landscape, wildlife and characters that populate her life in the West. Her narrative drawings and paintings have been exhibited in many galleries and museums and are held in private collections including the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis.  Her work was on display in the Washington, D.C. offices of Senator Max Baucus for over ten years and published in the New York Times.

Nan Darham has a M.F.A from CalArts and a B.S. from Boston University. Her General Studies concentration at Dartmouth focuses on Creativity and Innovation and Creative Writing. Selected pieces can be seen in the current edition of the MALS literary journal, Clamantis, and The Whitefish Review, edited by MALS graduate Brian Schott.

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