Breakfast with the Arts: Carrie Caouette-De Lallo Exhibition at Nearburg Gallery

Breakfast with the Arts

Carrie Caouette-De Lallo Exhibition Nearburg Gallery

Black Family Visual Arts Center

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

8:30 a.m.- 10:00 a.m.

Carrie Caouette-De Lallo has been a painter whose work has been exhibited throughout New England for more than thirty years. While much of her work has been figurative, her recent paintings have been meditations on objects, specifically vessels, and the space and colors surrounding them.

She was a public school teacher for twenty-nine years and left teaching to focus on making art and creating community arts programs. In 2018 she and her daughter, Sarah, founded the Chelsea Arts Collective in Chelsea, Vermont, an organization dedicated to providing art programs, events, and opportunities in a rural environment. She is committed to making the arts available to people who might, otherwise, not access visual and performing arts and craft. She is a co founder and manager of North Common Arts, a community art space with both an artisan shop and gallery which hosts changing exhibits, music and literary events. The Chelsea Barn Quilt Project and Chelsea Arts on the Green Market and Festival are other community arts initiatives that she has co-led.

Carrie is a 2007 graduate of Dartmouth’s MALS program with a concentration on Creative Writing. She was the recipient of the MALS Thesis Award for her collection of personal non fiction essays, Natural Order