Arsalan Ul Haq – Karachi, Pakistan

“I started my career as an architect but always wanted to pursue writing. I didn’t have the academic background in English or Creative Writing as an undergraduate, so after receiving the Fulbright scholarship I decided to enter the MALS program at Dartmouth College. Here I have been able to successfully fuse my prior experience in design with my interest in writing and its pedagogy.

MALS at Dartmouth is the only program that allows curricular flexibility across disciplines. Even with a concentration in creative writing, I was able to take other liberal arts courses which expanded my thinking and informed my interdisciplinary research. The program is rigorous so initiative and self-navigation is critical. The faculty is accessible, invested in their students and encourages critical and creative thinking. Given its supportive faculty all across the College alongside a diverse, collaborative and close-knit graduate student community, MALS provides an exceptional and challenging academic experience. The program rewards individual thinking, placing you on a path you may not have seen before, but that you discover you want for yourself both personally and professionally. Incidentally, I have been accepted to a PhD program in English and will hopefully begin later this year.”