Winston Bodrick – Atlanta, Georgia

“I’ve been mentoring inner city youth in Atlanta since graduating from college; this work made me realize that my passion is being able to identify and structure new ways to help educate kids and to do this on a significant scale. What I also realized was that I didn’t have the background and credentials just yet to pursue this at the level I desire – specifically I would like to, someday, be the president of a college or university. A lofty goal, I know, but this is what led me to enter the MALS program here at Dartmouth and with a concentration in Cultural Studies.

Because this program is interdisciplinary and I am able to take courses across the College, I have been able to tailor and focus my learning on exploring the intersection of race, gender, and class in inner city environments. Working with the professors here who truly understand their students, and combined with the diversity of the students themselves, I have a vastly expanded perspective and newfound historical context about “why” things are happening with these inner city kids under the current educational systems in the United States.

MALS affords me this kind of educational flexibility, along with the resources Dartmouth provides, and in an academic environment that forces students to stretch beyond their comfort zone. There is no question that this has absolutely been the best next step for me to move my aspirations and career forward.”