Daniel Jantos – Woodstock, Vermont

“I’m currently the minister at the Unitarian Church in Woodstock. I came to Dartmouth feeling compelled to refresh my thinking and get back into study and expand my awareness. Coming to MALS was synaptic; it brought about a myriad of connections and opportunities together for me both personally and professionally.

I came into the program wanting to understand the shifting landscape of religion as well as my own experiences of migration against the literature of border studies and contemporary migration patterns.  I have been able to deeply explore this with professors at Dartmouth and the resources they directed me towards.  This process has facilitated an unexpected change in my professional direction and purpose.  I’ve decided that I will return to Australia to explore work that involves community building where spiritual principles inform methods without religion necessarily being the primary focus.  In essence, to work towards creating connections across difference and build vibrant local culture towards an un-appropriated future.

If I had to summarize, I would say that this program is so generous in what it has to offer. From the resources and flexibility, to the diversity of the students, to the accessibility of the professors and the ability to engage and interact with exceptional intellectuals from around the world — MALS has been an inspiration.”