Carmen Brady – Las Vegas, Nevada

“I didn’t plan to return to Dartmouth after being here as an undergraduate. I had earned my degree in biochemistry/molecular biology and, although I soon discovered that the lab wasn’t for me, I was advancing my career in fulfilling ways. I worked in the Department of Family Services in Clark County and then went on to work on Capitol Hill as constituent liaison for one of the Senators from Nevada. But, I also had been writing poetry for years and had kept it in the background. And then it struck me that maybe I should consider pursuing writing more seriously. That’s what led me back to Dartmouth and to MALS.

I will say that I was a little unsure at first about entering a graduate program in creative writing and I recall thinking, “dare I do this?” And my answer was a resounding “yes!” In this program if you see something in any department that’s going to benefit what you are trying to do the answer is always “go ahead; pursue this; be creative.” That’s unusual and for me this kind of flexibility and exposure to different disciplines has helped me blossom as a writer.

The professors and the student critique process push you to grow and I appreciate this kind of pressure. Also, I was able to attend the summer program at Oxford, which was incredible and exceeded my expectations. It was an immersive academic, social, and historical program. I met lots of great and super smart people who have expanded my mind and my experience. If you’re self-directed and motivated and truly want to take that next step in your learning there is so much you can get from this program.”