Harvey Frommer

Harvey Frommer, The Ultimate Yankee Book

MALS professor, Harvey Frommer will release a new book during October 2017.

With just about everything about baseball's greatest franchise included, The Ultimate Yankee Book is almost like experiencing a new kind of sports book genre. Crammed into the work are many visuals and photos never before published as well as new insights into well- known experiences, an entire section on apocryphal things Yankee like the trade of Joe DiMaggio for Ted Williams and the Babe Ruth "called" shot re-visited among other misunderstood franchise happenings.

This is a book for those who think of themselves as Yankee experts as well as those who want to learn much more about the pinstriped empire. Jammed and crammed with stories, facts, stats, tables, charts, profiles, memorabilia, oddities, oral history and history - it is at once a book for browsing, looking up information, settling arguments, and especially being brought into the tone and texture and excitement of all things Yankees.

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That Boston Fan? He Wants to Run New York (The New York Times)

New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio has recently gained attention not just for his politics, but also for where his baseball allegiance lies, reports The New York Times. The candidate, the article notes, has confessed to being a Boston Red Sox fan.

The Times asks Harvey Frommer, a professor in Dartmouth’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program and the author of books about the Red Sox and the New York Yankees, for his thoughts on de Blasio’s devotion to Boston. “Maybe he can make a campaign pledge to convert to becoming a Yankees fan,” Frommer tells the Times. “That will pick him up some votes.”

Read the full story, published 8/20/13 by The New York Times.