Clamantis Release Party Spring 2021

Dear MALS and Guarini Community, 

We are delighted to share that the Spring 2021 edition of Clamantis: The MALS Journal is now live!

As we transition to the next edition of Clamantis, we are thrilled to welcome Lee Mayes and Eric Fantauzzi to the journal's editorial board! We are also delighted to share that Amanda Skinner will be taking over as the journal's next editor-in-chief. We are enthusiastic about the direction the journal will take moving forward as it seeks to bring in more voices and perspectives from the broader Guarini community. 

Contact myself or one of our Editorial Board members to learn about our review process and potentially get involved as an editor!    


Aneeq Ejaz

- Clamantis: The MALS Journal Editorial Team

"To chase down the truth, wherever it lies."