Course Schedules by Term

MALS 127: Independent Study and MALS 137: Thesis Research are offered every term. Enrollment is based on completion of prerequisites and Curriculum Committee approval see the MALS Administrator for more information.

Requirement Code Key

  • S I/D: Single-taught Interdisciplinary
  • T I/D: Team-taught Interdsiciplinary
  • CS: Cultural Studies
  • CW: Creative Writing
  • GS: Globalization Studies
  • CT/NC: Credit/No Credit

Courses with interdisciplinary content MAY satisfy one of the I/D course requirements on your plan of study; please check with the MALS Administrator for more information.


SUMMER 2020 

120: Summer Symposium: (CT/NC); Moderated by Don Pease - MALS/English  

131: Social Science Research Methods; Eric Ramsey  - STULF

140: Writing Workshop: Fiction (CS); Saul Lelchuk - MALS

204: Telling Lives (CW); Jack Beatty 

294: Post-Cold War Globalization (GS, S I/D); Peter DeShazo - LALACS

303: Latin America/Caribbean (CS, GS, T I/D); Raul Bueno - MALS, Keith Walker - MALS 

318: Cultural Studies (CS, T I/D); Don Pease - MALS/English